Sunday, April 11, 2010

April so far!

Hey yall!! This is Zoa here!! We have had a WONDERFUL April and Spring Break so far! Kaitlyn and I have spent like, the whole Spring break together so far! We went swimming every day and when we were having a sleepover Caleb texted her asking if we could go to the pool at like 9:00 at night!So i asked my mom if we could go and she actually said yes and we could stay until 10:00. It was fun, but Calebs pool is FREEZING. And my eye got infected, so that was a bummer like the first few days of April and i actually didnt go to school for 2 days to spare me some emberrassment. LOOK!!! My eye was like so ugly!! But we also went swimming in Haleys pool that was fun too. This Spring Break has been so fun! I also went to DC to spend Easter with my friends Hunter and Aspen. That was so fun. I cant believe that we only have like 3 months of school left. 5th grade has gone by so fast! I might move this Summer to, so i might be going to a totally wierd school somewhere in Albuquirquy, New Mexico!! Thats where my perants want to move. Well, g2g i will post some other stuff when i can!!!!!

~Zoa & Kaitlyn sighning off